IMS/MX-2200 Labeler
Operating Instructions

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Step 1. Lift the label holder in the direction of the arrow.

Step 2. Open the label roll, tear off and discard the
1st ten inches of the A0001 labels and liner.
Load the label roll onto the label holder with the labels feeding in a downward direction from the front of the label roll
(toward the front of the labeler).

Step 3. Push the label holder down to lock into place.

Step 4. Slide tabs back to release the base plate.
Step 5. Guide the label strip down the label path.

Step 6. Press the base plate closed.

Step 7. Insert label strip end into the slot indicated by arrow near drive roller.

Step 8. Operate the handle 7-8 times until printed label protrudes near application roller.

Step 9. Apply label with a downward rolling motion.
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